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Sherry Spencer 
Reading Interventionist

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Master of Education in Elementary Education

Reading Endorsement

Orton-Gillingham Certificate from the Institute of Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE).


Philosophy: Teaching to the whole child means getting to know their unique personalities as well as their academic needs. I begin by creating a nurturing and supportive learning environment so children feel comfortable taking risks during the reading process. My goal is to create a relationship of trust in a structured, intentional  environment yet never forgetting the importance of a sense of humor. Assessment drives instruction, so after assessing each child’s reading skills I begin intervention at each child’s personal “beginning.”


Methodology: Using the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE) Orton-Gillingham (OG) resources, I provide direct, explicit instruction in phonics- decoding and encoding- in a sequential, and cumulative manner. The OG method explicitly teaches the connections between letters and sounds, and the spelling and pronunciation rules that govern our language. Research shows that an OG approach is a highly effective way to teach struggling readers or students with dyslexia. I teach phonics rules, word endings, and the 6 syllable types to promote the automaticity of decoding multisyllabic words. Through both direct, explicit instruction and modeling, I also teach students how to approach and engage in text before, during and after reading to ensure the comprehension of text. My teaching approach is research-based and adheres to the Science of Reading practices. (See, Shanahan, Timothy. “What is the Science of Reading?” Reading Rockets, 2019).


Learning Environment: Creating a happy, safe, and nurturing learning environment is a prerequisite to learning. This may be done in person or virtually. The learning environment must be quiet, cozy, clear of clutter, well lit, and with comfortable seating.


Home Support: After each session I am available to inform parents of their child’s progress, answer any questions, and provide ideas, suggestions, and resources to offer reinforcement in the home.

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