• Tatum Acutt

Why Baobab?

When coming up for a name for our company, Andrea and I were both drawn to trees and the strong image of the Baobab kept coming to mind. This great tree, also known as the "Tree of Life," dots the drier regions of the African landscape. Baobab's water-storing trunks can reach diameters of up to 9m (30 ft)! are usually hollow in the center, the caverns of which are sometimes large enough to allow fully grown men to walk inside. I recall a café being nestled inside one giant tree, and another hotel had built a bathroom hidden behind the Baobab's leathery trunk.

A tree is the ideal symbol for what our company strives towards - strong roots and new growth. We aim to help students, families and teachers build firm foundations, which in turn, allows them to further grow and develop. This service may come in the form of a parent workshop, where parents are given the tools to parent using techniques focused on kindness and trust, building stronger connections to their children. Through reading intervention sessions, students are able to solidify their reading skills, which is the foundation for all learning. We help non-readers become independent readers, and good readers develop into even stronger readers. A beautiful Baobab tree has different parts - the roots, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and seeds. Each part helps the tree to function successfully as a whole. Through every service we provide, we look at the whole child and design holistic learning based on the child's unique needs. Baobab prides itself in providing a nurturing and fun learning environment for our lessons, conducive to risk taking and allowing children to build their self-esteem and skills.

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