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Literacy Foundations

Our hybrid literacy beginnings program introduces children aged 3-4 years to the world of literacy in exciting and engaging ways.

We are so passionate about developing early skills in order to avoid challenges when a child enters early elementary. It’s never too early to start exposing children to literacy. The American Pediatrics Association, highlights how reading to infants has been shown to improve their later academic success. Seeking the right services for your child from an early age is important if you are concerned that he or she may be struggling with reading or literacy. Studies show that it is very difficult for children to catch up later if they start off with reading difficulties and don’t receive the proper interventions.

Our hybrid foundations in literacy program involves literacy-rich, play-based lessons that spark young children's curiosity. Play and language are the most important tools for early literacy learning. Our engaging lessons will involve the following:

- Interactive read-alouds and literature discussions

- Vocabulary development

- Shared Reading and performance reading

- Writing about reading (writing comes in many forms!)

- Phonics and Phonemic Awareness (learning letters and letter sounds)

We see our young learners individually (accompanied by parents/caregivers), or we can see groups of friends/children of the same age.

In addition, we offer parent coaching, where we meet with parents to discuss strategies for creating a literacy rich home and a strong foundation in literacy for your children. This could be a once off session, or we could continue to check in whenever the parent feels unsure or requires more coaching.

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