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Baobab provides a range of support services for academic and social-emotional needs for ages ranging from 4 years to adulthood. Our vision helps to ensure that students receive the support needed to engage purposefully in learning and experience academic success. Support services may be in person in Grand Cayman, or online. No matter the location, we aim to foster a loving and nurturing learning environment. 

Reading a Book

Reading Intervention

Helping reluctant, struggling readers become strong, independent readers. 

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Dyslexia Support

Our programs are specially designed to address individual needs and to build on individual strengths. Following a series of explicit instruction of phonics in a cumulative, sequential manner, we help students to develop their own strategies for efficient learning.

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Parent Coaching

We design workshops to assist parents in creating literacy rich environments at home. We provide parents with the necessary tools to assist their children in developing healthy reading habits and growing into strong readers. 


Professional Development for Schools

Details to follow

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Social-Emotional Support

Launching soon

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