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Reading a Book
Reading Intervention

Helping reluctant, struggling readers become strong, independent readers.

Through direct and explicit instruction of phonics and reading comprehension strategies, our Reading Specialists provide intervention for students, helping to close gaps in reading. Our approaches include a combination of programs, including Recipe for Reading published through the Institute for Multi Sensory Education (IMSE), Wilson, and Lindamood-Bell. Assessments drive our instruction, and parents will be frequently updated on their children's development. We ensure children feel confident and safe during their lessons, helping to grow stronger, independent readers. We aim to foster a love of reading, a skill that will benefit a child for the rest of their life.

In addition to supporting the child, our literacy specialists will also support the parents. We offer coaching sessions to provide parents with tools and guidelines to assist their children at home.

Our services also include school support for our students. We will bridge the gap between home and school, advocating for the child's needs at school and communicating with teachers when required. Our specialists will attend IEP and other meetings at schools when necessary.

Reading Intervention: Services
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