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Ms. Tatum loves to recommend great quality books! Her carefully curated book suggestions help parents and teachers to find "just right" books for children. Ms. Tatum is a BookShop Affiliate - shop via our link to support independent book sellers.

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Toddler Books

My little toddler absolutely loves books and snuggling up for story time. I often find her sitting in a random corner of the house, with her nose stuck inside a book reading... and yes, remember that one of the ways to read a book is by reading the pictures! Here is a list of her favourites, and I'll keep adding as she grows up. 

Image by Annie Spratt
Our Earth

Every day is Earth Day! Our children hold Mother Earth in the palm of their hands. These Earth Week/Day books will help teach readers how to love and care for the planet we live on. If we can instill these good habits from a young age, these actions will become a way of life for our children.

Recieving Flowers
Mother's Day Books

Beautiful books celebrating special Mummies in all their forms.

Princess Dad
Father's Day Books

A list of books in honor of fatherhood and all the special Dada's out there!

Middle Grade Books

A great list of titles for middle grade children (about Grade 4-8)

Kids in Art Class
Winter Sport
Sports Books

Inspiring sports themed books for sport loving kids of all ages.

Parent Guides

Useful guides to help parents navigate parenthood.

Happy Mother's Day
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