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Lauren Baygot
Educational Specialist, Language Specialist, Tutor


Bachelor of Modern European Languages - University of Liverpool
PGCE in Spanish and French - Manchester Metropolitan University
TEFL certified: Teaching English as a Foreign Language

I am a passionate and experienced Linguist and Teacher who has learnt languages from living in different countries and being fully immersed. I studied architecture in Cuba (la Universidad de la Habana, facultad de artes y letras) where my goal was to perfect my fluency in Spanish as well as learn about Cuban architecture! I also studied and tutored students in Marseille, France. 

When I arrived in the Cayman Islands in 2021, I first worked at a private school teaching Spanish and French to High School students. I also offered Portuguese as an additional subject for vertical learning activities, which was really popular and my students learnt this new language through games and activities to finish their school week. Since then, I have been supporting students on a 1:1 basis and supported them in their language learning amongst other subjects. Through online lessons, I also support children all over the world in learning English as a second language. I gained my TEFL certification in 2019, where my focus was business English and have since taught English in France as well as online.

I studied linguistics and translation as part of my Bachelor's Degree, and have done some work online in these areas but my passion lies in teaching language skills to learners of all ages. I began my career working in city-center schools throughout Manchester, and spent three years teaching Spanish and French in a Loreto school in my home city. I began training in dyslexia
support, literacy and reading support, EAL intervention and independently trained students from Lusophone countries to achieve their GCSE Portuguese qualifications which schools do not tend to offer in the UK and further enhance their future options. This has been one of the highlights of my career thus far.

Personally, I really love the outdoors and staying active, scuba diving and ocean based activities are some of my hobbies. I love animals and have done volunteer work with shelter animals in Costa Rica and of course at the Cayman Humane Society!

Ultimately, I want children to love learning and to make their language intervention sessions an enjoyable activity that sparks interest and curiosity for the culture as well as the language. I strongly believe that immersion where possible is so beneficial for students, and so I use the target language as much as possible, and also when appropriate and beneficial for the learner.


Image by Dmitrii Zhodzishskii
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